JobBud is a website that helps people find jobs in Wales. Also there are a few websites that promote specific services for the main one (JobBud). The project meant developing a visual identity that is respected in all the JobBud websites. work on 2 characters that are represented in all the materials (to create unity) and create a specific application for one of the websites.

The JobBud logo supports the idea of the website, that of using elements inspired by Welsh culture to relate to the people and make the website memorable. The logo’s font is a stylized version of the older celtic fonts used in Wales a few hundred years ago. Also, the top part of the “d” is made to look like a castle tower (again, to relate to the identity of the website). Colors are fun and friendly, as is all the website, orange is optimistic, black is serious.

Bud Character:
Fun, friendly, but also fearful and a bit goofy. The “Bud” want’s to make searching for jobs seem easy, if he can do it, why not the viewer? His arch nemesis is the CEO, whom he has to impress in order to get the job. Inspired by the folclor of Wales, Bud thinks of himself as a knight of the modern era, with the pen as his sword and the CV as his shield, and with a certain amount of fear, he goes to battle, against the employer whom he sees as a red dragon (also inspired by the Welsh flag).

CEO (Dragon) Character:
Inspired by the myths and legends of Wales, the red dragon is what our little fearful job searcher, Bud, sees when he looks at a potential employer. Aesthetically, the dragon is made to look like Bud, a bit goofy, a bit fat, but just as much funny. Also, contrary to Bud’s imagination, the dragon is friendly.

Website App:
A special app was developed by our team specially for the JobBud website, more information about this coming soon.

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